Client Bank Account Checker

A fast and efficient digital solution to conduct your bank account validation searches.

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Checks are completed in real-time so payment issues can be resolved immediately.

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Data is verified with Equifax giving you confidence in the results.

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Results are automatically returned within InfoTrack for easy access when you need it.

Due diligence is an essential factor in the conveyancing process and finding a solution that gives you the confidence in your results is important. To help fight identity fraud and confirm the account details of your clients, we've built a fast and efficient tool which allows you to meet your due diligence requirements with ease.

Client Bank Account Checker conducts bank account validation searches to verify your client's account details. The data is verified against Equifax's database which algorithmically checks three crucial data points from your client's information to ensure the validity of the account. By performing checks in real-time, you're able to resolve payment issues immediately to avoid delays with your transaction.

With details including the contact information and full bank address automatically completed using the provided sort code and results returned within InfoTrack, it's a simple, secure and fast way of verifying your client's bank account.

Take confidence in your due diligence process and verify your client's bank account with ease, let us show you how today


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