Online lawyer checker software

Lawyer Checker has been developed to assist with identifying the legitimacy of the vendor's conveyancer you are dealing with, in order to better identify any risk associated with the transaction and with immediate results.

After submitting the account and firm details, Lawyer Checker then identifies if there is a record of previous use for the account. If there isn’t, or the account is virtually unknown, the system will search more than 10 different databases to obtain further information to build a profile of legitimacy for the account, helping you identify whether it is appropriate to send money to the account.

Here’s how Lawyer Checker can benefit your firm:

  •         Manage risk for your firm and your clients by identifying potential fraudulent vendors
  •         Your results are returned immediately, so you can rest assured your clients are protected
  •         Easily comply with your due diligence requirements

Discover how Lawyer Checker helps identify risk in this case study.