Features and benefits

Analysing company information and identifying links with individuals is time consuming.

REVEAL interprets data from trusted sources including Companies House Direct and Companies House Beta and turns it into an interactive workspace making it faster and simpler to analyse complex company information.

At the touch of a button, REVEAL makes analysis beautifully simple by extracting text-based data and presenting it in an interactive, visual format, making it easy to communicate to your clients, stakeholders and reducing the analysis process by hours.


How do I access REVEAL?

1. Order any UK Company Report through InfoTrack

2. Once the results appear in the window, you can access REVEAL at the click of a button

3. Use the workspace to identify relationships between companies and individuals, and the timeline to view historical structures

Watch our video to learn more, or play with the live workspace at the bottom of the page.


Relationships between individuals, companies and addresses are connected and easily identifiable in the REVEAL workspace, and you can show and hide specific nodes where required, enabling you to simplify the diagram further and analyse complex structures quicker with ease. Autosave functionality also saves your workspace as you go, so you never lose your place.


The customisable workspace provides you with four preset layouts, or you can adapt the nodes to form your own, enabling you to confidently present results to clients in an easy to understand format.


REVEAL also allows you to perform follow on searches, enabling firms to effectively meet risk and compliance obligations by comparing documentation from your search results with the related REVEAL diagram. No training required, REVEAL is a clever and intuitive platform that couldn’t be easier to use.


The smart timeline feature on REVEAL pulls historical information about the organisation from the Companies House data, which is then mapped into the timeline, so you can view a structure from any date in its life span.


REVEAL is complimentary with all Companies House Report ordered through InfoTrack. There is no subscription or service fee for InfoTrack clients to use REVEAL.