Industry users

REVEAL is useful to a variety of professionals across a range of industries.

Commercial solicitors

  • Allows you to provide quicker due diligence checks on acquisitions for clients with the ability to easily perform follow on searches instead of reviewing manual results.
  • The ability to swiftly understand a company your client is purchasing and offer the visual detail needed to assist with the completion of the transaction.
  • Probate Estate Matters – REVEAL improves your ability to set the scene to the Will executors/ beneficiaries to advise them of the deceased’s assets and liabilities.
  • Debt collection, fraud and dispute matters – REVEAL assists with the thorough assessment of a debtor and whether they are worth pursuing, saving you and your clients time.
  • Family law, including divorce and property settlement - through the visualisation of relationships you can better communicate the position of your client.

Accountancy/insolvency specialists

  • Significantly reduce hours spent on interpreting Companies House Search data with accurate aggregated data.
  • Allow you to keep abreast of those distressed entities so that you’re ahead of the game and can provide first class guidance to your clients.
  • Support the identification of new business opportunities by seeking out key stakeholders.
  • Support and benefit the growth and evolution of your business whilst maximising return on investment for you and your audiences.
  • Mitigate your own professional risk by minimising your chances of missing critical information that needs to be correctly interpreted.


  •  Make clearer decisions around business lending, insolvency or mergers & acquisitions deals.