Property Enquiries

Streamline how you raise, respond to and manage property enquiries with a centralised solution that connects law firms to other law firms, and their clients.

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A centralised communication solution for raising, responding and managing property enquiries.

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Provides a clear audit trail for property enquiries related to your matter.

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Send enquiries to the solicitor on the other side, even if they don’t have an InfoTrack account.

Throughout a transaction, often property enquiries are an essential part of the process. Whether you’re raising or responding to property enquiries, the process involves multiple emails that need to be filed. When handling more than one matter, the management of emails can be convoluted and it’s easy to miss important information which can lead to delays later in the process. InfoTrack understands the importance of streamlining your processes and creating better synergy in your communication, both with other law firms and your clients.

That’s why we’ve built our Property Enquiries solution. Connecting law firms to other law firms and law firms to clients, it ensures information flows faster between each party, centralising the process within a single system. This new solution empowers you to:

Feature Benefit
Raise enquiries and send documents to the solicitor on the other side Reduces the management of emails and documents
Pass enquiries on to their client via a consumer workspace Removes the need to create copy, paste and send emails
Declare when the enquiries are resolved Allows firms to progress to completing contracts faster
Automatically generate a document with all enquiries and responses to attach to the contract Improves the ability to file quicker without paper
The dashboard and notifications enable you to act quickly

Prioritise your workload without having to rely on emails

With all communication in real-time, you’ll have better information to hand immediately, helping you to manage your client and leave a lasting impression.



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