Electronic contract packs from InfoTrack

Are you still printing, scanning or posting client care packs? Well we want you to know there’s a smarter way.

Your clients are looking for an enhanced digital experience when selling their home, that’s why we’ve brought you eCOS – the electronic contract pack from InfoTrack.

Our paperless solution enables you to swiftly compile your client care packs electronically including client care letters, T&C’s, as well as enabling them to complete the protocol property information forms (TA6, TA7 & TA10) online.

More than just compiling the packs, our portal also allows you to assemble, share and deliver it to your client from within InfoTrack, all at the click of a button making it easier, faster and cost effective.

  • Save time - our paperless solution removes the need to print, scan or post contract packs
  • Instant - deliver the documents to your client faster through our smart, secure online portal
  • Managed from within InfoTrack – no need for additional logins or passwords for other sites
  • Transparency – keep up to date with your clients progress with all information updated in real-time

When all your key conveyancing tasks are managed online via InfoTrack, why should care packs be any different?

Book an appointment today to experience the benefits of eCOS from award winning conveyancing services provider InfoTrack.