The Onboarding Summit 2022: On-demand videos

Catch up on all the recordings from The Onboarding Summit 2022, from panel discussions looking at demystifying verification tech to hearing from firms that are reaping the benefits of employing digital onboarding into their processes. 

Digital Verifications: Understanding The Tech

Discover the tech behind Digital Identity and Source of Funds verification as the experts guide us through what the tech does.

Onboarding, compliance and AML explained

Amy Bell, CEO of Teal Compliance, presents a session covering the risks and opportunities digital onboarding represents for compliance.

Great onboarding experiences: Feedback from the frontlines of customer support

Hear unique stories, insights, and advice gathered from thousands of client interactions.

Accelerate client onboarding with upfront information and grow your business

Engaging potential conveyancing clients early by partnering with estate agents is a big opportunity for solicitors.

Integrating onboarding into your CMS

In this session, we explore what's involved with integrating your onboarding technology with your CMS for maximum efficiency. 

Better onboarding: Learning from leading law firms

Hear from some of the solicitors that have been implementing these processes to benefit from their insights. 

Digital onboarding: Where we are now and where we’re going

In this session, the experts share different perspectives on what's happening now and what's coming next that should inform your digital onboarding plans.

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