Who said Reports on Title couldn’t be fun?

Introducing the Roxys: Reports on Title may never be the same again. Thanks to Property Report's customisation functionality, you can now create Reports that are beautiful as well as informative! 

Every month, we'll be picking a selection of the best Property Report covers from our clients, with one lucky firm winning a coveted "Roxy" (named after, and awarded by, our expert on all things Property Report, Roxanne).

roxy awards illustration
Take a look at this month's best covers, below, and if you think you can do better, get creative and submit your covers for a chance to win next month's Roxy (and a nice box of chocolates for the office!)

Addies Solicitors


Bell Lamb & Joynson

Bell Lamb and Joynson

Clifton Ingram Solicitors

Clifton Ingram

Headleys Solicitors


Savage Silk

Savage Silk

Can you do better?

Submit your cover for a chance to win your very own Roxy! Simply provide your details and a member of our Property Report team will get in touch.

Previous Winners

April Winner - Eve Lake

Eve Lake Cover

June Winner - Savage Silk

Acumen People cover

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