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Our two-way integration is available through the following case management system (CMS) partnerships.

The term integration can often be used loosely, however, InfoTrack uses unique seamless two-way integration to pull information directly from your CMS through to our platform, avoiding manual rekeying of information, reducing the possibility of human error and maintaining consistency across platforms.

Benefits of integrating your case management with InfoTrack include:

  • Immediate access to InfoTrack at the click of a button in your CMS - your credentials will be automatically entered
  • All disbursements are returned directly into your matter
  • Complimentary access to REVEAL - InfoTrack's data visualisation tool for UK Company Searches
  • Searches are populated with data from your matter, removing manual rekeying

InfoTrack are core partners for Fisher Jones Greenwood. We wouldn’t consider any other service provider. The price is comparable to the competition and the value-add from the portal on its own it is worth it. But with the Tikit P4W integration it really does yield savings and ensures our compliance. InfoTrack are very proactive and understand that everything needs to be seamless. The system has saved our post-completion team 20% of the time it used to take, and our finance team are no longer trying to marry up slips or chase disbursements. The system guides you through the portal and mitigates risk as it reminds you searches are expiring. It was an absolute no-brainer, that’s exactly how a piece of software should work 

- Peter Carr, Fisher Jones Greenwood
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Fed up with manually rekeying information? Download one of our free brochures today and learn how our InfoTrack's integration can save time and improve efficiency.

benefits of CMS integration

Benefits of CMS Integration

SOS integration brochure

SOS Integration

Lexis Nexis integration brochure

Visualfiles Integration